Robertshaw Control Valves
The Mini-Max VC-210 valves, noted for their bellows-sealed stems, are built with stainless steel investment castings and are specially designed for the control of water, steam, gas and vacuum.
Compact, constructed for rugged environments and designed for control of water, gas, vacuum and more. This is the economical brass version of the VC-210 valve series.
Present day products and services on old
The VC-230A and VC-231A are spring-opposed diaphragm actuators. They are designed to provide dependable on/off or throttling operation of control valves.
CAD and documentaion services
  1. Process & Instrument Diagrams
  2. Instrument Indexes
  3. Instrument Loop Sheets
  4. Instrument Specifications
  5. Installation diagrams
  6. Instruction manual development
  7. Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Engineering & Technical services
  1. VFD system and enclosures
  2. Process Control Systems
  3. Wet Analyzer & Monitoring Systems
  4. Installation, Calibration and Startup Services
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Panel Components & Systems
Moore Products Co. Purchased by Siemens in 2000 we offer some used and old new instruments 

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