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Pneumatic Booster System
Weyerhaeuser needed a larger air flow to cylinders to speed up there action. This design used a electric to pneumatic converters (I/P) output to Fairchild pneumatic booster relays to solve the problem.
Digital Control System
A custom control console for one of the first digital control systems designed for Union Camp Corp Bleach Plant. Designed by Cliff while at Jacobs Sirrine and fabricated by Custom Engineering Co, Tucker GA.
P/I (pneumatic to current transducer)
This prototype instrument was designed for Duke Energy to replace obsolete devices in a Nuclear power station. It was designed to be "form, Fit and Function" for the device is was to replace.
Examples of industrial instrumentation that Cliff has been responsible for in years past
Note: Cliff was the Product Manager for Fairchild Industrial Products in the 70's and was responsible for deveopment of several new and improved electro/pneumatic products.
Note: Cliff was a Sales Engineer for Moore Products Co that provided the original device in the 60's He was also responsible for Sales & Engineering to all DuPont, Celanes, & Fibers plants in the Carolinas for Moore Products Company.
Note: Cliff was Sales Engineer for Bailey Controls in the 80's and responsible for the sale of one of the first Net 90 Systems develop by them. He later as Branch Mgr for ATS Designed, installed and strarted up several such systems.
Mobile Skid for adhesive metering systems [Class I, Division 2, Group C&D certification]
The skid was for a manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment. The mfr designed the basic system, then Cliff chose the Instruments and devices (to be Cl I, Div 2, Grp C&D or Intrinsically Safe) and the enclosure (using a certified purging system) to meet the Hazardous Classification. Cliff’s staff then assembled it to meet the required certification.
Note: Cliff specializes in designing control systems for Hazardous locations and his clients include PB oil and Honeywell.

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